Wits & Weights: Strength and Nutrition for Skeptics

Bonus Episode: The Carnivore Diet and Why Most Rigid Diets Fail

August 28, 2023 Philip Pape
Wits & Weights: Strength and Nutrition for Skeptics
Bonus Episode: The Carnivore Diet and Why Most Rigid Diets Fail
Wits & Weights: Strength & Nutrition for Skeptics
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Show Notes

Today's episode was an answer to a question posted in the Wits & Weights Facebook community as part of the #AskPhilip weekly thread where I answer member questions live every Friday.

If that sounds like something that would help you too, search for Wits & Weights on Facebook or click here to join the group. It’s totally free and you’ll have the chance to ask me specific questions for your situation and get direct, no-BS answers to take your results to the next level.

Here's the full question:

What are your thoughts on the carnivore diet? Specifically, I adhered pretty strictly to the carnivore diet for about four months a few years ago. I lost about 15 pounds, had some improvements in my blood work (triglycerides - of all things - came down significantly), some improved digestion (after initial 2 weeks), etc. Didn't maintain it because it was just too restrictive long term.

My question is, do you think people's success on the diet is mostly just incidental due to the reduction in total caloric intake (i.e., eating more satiating whole food) and the general benefits of reducing carbohydrate intake for folks that may be more insulin resistant?

Or do you think there's something more specific going on with the carnivore diet that's resulting in benefits for some people (at least for as long as they are able to adhere)?

Reason for the question is I've lost just about as much weight by getting serious about my calorie and macro tracking in the short time we've been working together, while eating a much more balanced and sustainable diet (albeit fairly low carb, given my specific family history and metabolism).

Listen to the episode for my answer!

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