Wits & Weights | Nutrition, Lifting, Muscle, Metabolism, & Fat Loss

Quick Wits: Your Most Valuable Asset for Physical Health (It's Not Money)

November 13, 2023 Philip Pape
Wits & Weights | Nutrition, Lifting, Muscle, Metabolism, & Fat Loss
Quick Wits: Your Most Valuable Asset for Physical Health (It's Not Money)
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If physical health is your top priority, then why aren't you allocating your most VALUABLE asset to it?

And no, it's not money.

Listen to today's episode to find out what it is!


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Philip Pape:

If physical health is your top priority, then why aren't you allocating your most valuable asset to it? And no, I'm not talking about money. Welcome to the Whits and Weights podcast. I'm your host, phillip Pape, and this twice a week podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve physical self-mastery by getting stronger, optimizing your nutrition and upgrading your body composition. We'll uncover science-backed strategies for movement, metabolism, muscle and mindset, with a skeptical eye on the fitness industry, so you can look and feel your absolute best. Let's dive right in. What is the most valuable asset you have? It's not money, it's time. And if physical health is your top priority, shouldn't you be allocating your most valuable asset of time to that priority? Today, we're going to dive into why you should absolutely be scheduling your workouts and your meals.

Philip Pape:

We often say that our health is our top priority, but our actions don't always align. If nutrition, if training, are crucial for your physical health, and if physical health enables everything else in your life, then it's time to finally treat them like the priorities they are, and what I like for this is something called time blocking. Time blocking isn't just for work, it isn't just for meetings. It is a tool where you allocate specific chunks of your day to activities that matter most. That's all it is. It's simply blocking out the time in your calendar for the things that are important, and in this case we're talking about your workouts and your meals Because when you schedule something, you're more likely to do it, and in the case of food, it also puts boundaries on when you are not just mindlessly grazing or snacking until you develop the skill and then you can have a little bit more flexibility, potentially, in your schedule. It's really that simple. Time blocking creates a sense of accountability. It makes it harder to skip a meal or workout because it's right there, scheduled with yourself in black and white, and it can actually have a domino effect on other errors of your life because it sets this tone for a sense of discipline right, not willpower and forcing yourself to do it, but just routine, habit, discipline, organization, a commitment to your well-being as a part of your life. It is just something you do.

Philip Pape:

When you set aside time for these activities, you are sending a message to yourself that your health is worth that time, and that is an act of self-respect. So, if you haven't already, right now I want you to grab your calendar, grab a piece of paper, do it on your phone, do it on your computer, wherever your calendar is. Maybe it's up on the fridge, and I want you to block off time for your workouts over the next week and figure out where to make those happen. If your schedule is quote unquote too busy, there's going to be time that you can free up somewhere that otherwise has less valuable activities. So go ahead and do that for your meals as well. Figure out when you're having breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks. Put them in there and just tell yourself these are the times that I have my meals. This is what I'm going to log just to set that initial set of routine, that discipline that gets you going, and this is how you allocate the most valuable asset in your life time to the most important priority in your life.

Philip Pape:

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Wits and Weights. If you found value in today's episode and know someone else who's looking to level up there Wits or Weights please take a moment to share this episode with them and make sure to hit the follow button in your podcast platform right now to catch the next episode. Until then, stay strong.

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